Poland 2019

A group of Beacon Hill students have travelled to Poland as part of the Erasmus + funded project ‘Let’s Hit the Road’. Our project partners from Croatia and Madeira are also here as well as the Polish team who are hosting the visit.

Keep up with whats going during the trip here.


And they’re off. The first part of the journey. Newcastle to Paris.

Having arrived in Paris. Its now a wait for the flight to Warsaw.

Planes, Trains, and automobiles…still going.


Meeting our Portuguese friends.

Here the students are attending a technology workshop, and a craft workshop – during which they made the famous Herring.

Lunch and quiz about our partner schools in Poland, Croatia, Madeira and UK

Some early evening sight-seeing around Bialystok, cooling down in the fountain, eating ice -cream then some shopping. It’s 27 degrees!!! 😀

E-Twinnings conference training for teachers!

An afternoon exploring with our international friends, we visited a beautiful church and were allowed to climb up to the top of the tower.

Shopping, practising speaking the Polish language, more cooling off in the fountain and some souvenir shopping. Bakhitha enjoyed some Polish food.

Today we were up at 5.45 am to visit a Herbarium! Lots of herbs and flowers and animals, friendships being made, Polish food being eaten.😀

Food tried was borscht soup, nettle soup and meat rolled in cabbage!
Jack was scared of the chickens/roosters/etc but was very brave and stood beside them but jumped when they crowed or clucked beside him

Making tea out of various herbs, it’s ‘bad luck’ to make this tea with an even number of different teas do you have to choose either 1, 3, 5 etc varieties!

More Polish foods.

Sports in the park

Visiting Branicki Palace

Receiving our certificates from the Head Teacher

Meeting the under 20 Colombian football team who’d been playing in the World Cup in Poland! Jack in the cockpit at Amsterdam. Our arrival at Newcastle airport at 7pm!

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