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Beacon Hill School

Our Mission: To enable students to maximise their potential and live happy and fulfilling lives

PMLD Curriculum

Thematic Units Plus learning about each season and celebrations, eg Christmas, Chinese New Year, Pancake Day

Key Stage Two PMLD specific classes

Autumn 2 2022 Spring 2 2023 Summer 2 2023
Rumble in the Jungle Magic Carpet Rides – India Australia, Here We Come

Key Stage Three PMLD specific classes

Autumn 2 2022 Spring 2 2023 Summer 2 2023
Academy for Witches and Wizards Magic Carpet Rides – India Summer Holiday UK

Key Stage Four PMLD specific classes

Autumn 1 2022 Spring 1 2023 Summer 1 2023
Lights, Camera, Action Great Explorers Jamboree

Students with PMLD follow the informal curriculum, focussing on four areas of learning – Cognition and Learning, Communication, Physical Development and PSHE/Community. Please see below for examples and information about what we may focus on throughout the week.

Development of communication skills, including early phonological awareness, is evident throughout each day, see below for examples:
 Daily registration sessions (greetings/early phonics), including a communication focus – using on body signs, Makaton signs, symbols, communication books,  voice output communication aids. Focus on alternative access, including the use of  E Tran Frames, switches, etc,  

Developing communication skills using Intensive Interaction techniques and Holding the Space

Developing sound discrimination and a sense of rhythm and rhyme using and , call and response activities, using a Resonance Board, as well as experiencing  a range of musical genres, exploring musical instruments, etc. TACPAC – communicating through touch and music
Development and maintenance of physical skills is evident throughout each day, see below for examples:
Experiencing a range of positions  including using a Standing Frame, Acheeva Bed, Stabilo Cushion, adapted chairs, therapy chairs Hydrotherapy sessions with a focus on gross and fine motor, development, physical skills maintenance and communication Rebound Therapy sessions with a focus on physical development, physical skills maintenance and communication Developing fine motor skills , sensory material exploration, process art, cooking activities, messy play and developing gross motor skills by using an Activity Arch, pushing and pulling objects, reaching across the midline, etc. (All of these activities incorporate early maths concepts – space, shape, measure)
Development of cognitive skills is evident throughout the day, see below for examples
Developing cognitive and communication skills through Sensory Stories and Story Massage, daily reading for pleasure sessions.
Developing understanding of what is happening ‘now and next’ by using communication charts, objects and music of reference and object cues (awareness of time).
Cognition and Learning session with a focus on technology including developing the use of switches with switch adapted toys and mains appliances (hairdryers, fans, blenders, etc) and music appliances. Using specialised computer software such as SlideShow Maker or Help Kidz Learn as well as IPad Apps. Developing early numeracy skills in our Immersive Room and using eye gaze systems Developing Body Awareness and spatial awareness through music and movement sessions, number songs, music and beats, physibods, etc. Outdoor learning opportunities including listening walks, nature hunts, Forest School activities
Development of PSHE/Community is evident throughout the day, see below for examples:
Individual/small group/whole group teaching and learning opportunities presented in a multi-sensory way. Whole school events – assemblies, on-site visiting theatre groups, sports events, story tellers, opportunities for inclusion with other students, calendar celebrations, British values There is a personal care timetable that runs alongside the academic timetable giving time for support for bathroom routines, flushes, PEG feeds, medication, developing feeding and drinking skills, dressing skills, etc. Relaxation sessions incorporating massage, foot spas, aromatherapy, etc
Students and staff work alongside our Multi-Sensory Impairment teacher, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist and Music Therapist.
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