The physiotherapy support and intervention for students at Beacon Hill is provided by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust.  
Our intervention is to the individual child and is based on the physiotherapeutic needs of the child.  We see the children as frequently as is necessary for their assessed physiotherapeutic need. This frequency can change as their conditions change or they have other interventions which have an effect on their physical presentation, i.e. surgery.  We use a number of different treatment modalities which are tailored to meet the individual needs of the child and are altered as their conditions change.  We treat the children in the environment which is most suitable to meeting their individual needs – homes, nurseries, clinic venues, the hospital physiotherapy department and schools.

The physiotherapy team work in partnership with Beacon Hill staff to ensure the children with physical difficulties reach their full potential. The physiotherapists working within the school are specialist in the physiotherapy management of children with complex needs.

What we do

  • Complete specialist assessments to identify the child’s physical abilities and strengths as well as the difficulties they experience. This assessment focuses on the child’s postural, musculoskeletal and mobility needs
  • Provide 1:1 Hands on physiotherapy
  • Provide individual physiotherapy programmes and advice (to school staff) to maintain and promote physical development and manage the child’s long-term condition. The programme may include daily positioning in equipment to promote a child’s function and mobility.  This may also include advice on position changes for comfort
  • Carry out assessments for specialist equipment to assist with lying, sitting, standing and mobility
  • Training and education for school staff to enable the staff to have the skills and abilities to implement the child’s physiotherapy programme
  • Provide support to school regarding moving and handling required to carry out a child’s therapy programme
  • Review the child’s orthotics and refer to the appropriate clinic when required
  • Monitor the child’s progress and make necessary adjustments to their programme and equipment
  • Regular liaison with multi-agency team (hospital, community and education) to ensure a co-ordinated approach to the child’s care
  • Contribute to the child’s Education Health Care Plan and IEP

How to contact us:          Children’s Physiotherapy – 0191 219 6714