Phase 4 – 29/06/2020


Dear parents

We are starting Phase 4 of the reintroduction of students to school on Monday the 29th, which is the final intake of students before September.  We have risk assessed all pupils with regard to Covid 19 and school attendance following government guidance on safety. This information has been passed to the local authority and you will have been contacted if you have a place for this date. 

We are hoping all students are able to return in September, but we will continue to be advised by the Government and the local authority on this. We will need to make some changes in September to the way we run things to reduce risks to our students.

Some of the things we are considering include:

  • Continuing to use full PPE for personal care and physical interventions
  • Reducing items brought into school from home
  • Having lunches in classrooms
  • Staggering playtimes in classroom yards
  • Reduced streaming between groups and movement around the school
  • Holding EHC’s by phone / Zoom
  • Parents evening held as individuals calls, with work sent home.

If you have any suggestions on practical ways we can run Christmas events they would be very much appreciated.

As students have missed out on our usual transition programme they will all receive a social story about their new class with a photo of their teacher and images of their classroom and their school. Please make sure you complete the permission for photographs survey if you want your child’s image to be included. 

The parents survey highlighted the need for instant communication, we have just invested in an App called SchoolComms which will support this communication. You will be receiving more information soon.

Thanks very much for all your support during this difficult time, we are all looking forward to seeing Beacon Hill running as normal as possible in September. 


Justina Terretta

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