Letter to Parents – 17/07/2020


Whilst your young person is in school they may notice some changes


School organisation


  • We will be cleaning hands at regular points across the day and wiping down hard surfaces prior to each session. 

  • We will be staying with our class group and will form a bubble with one other class which is a similar age to  us. 

  • We will be having staggered breaks and lunches to stop groups mixing with each other.

  • The school kitchen will be back open for a limited range of hot food and  we will be having lunch in our classroom and then outdoor play so the staff can clear our classrooms before afternoon sessions. 

  • We will not have any unnecessary visitors into the school, meetings where possible will be held online or by phone


The curriculum


  • PE will be held outdoors, and students will not need to change into a PE kit for this. Equipment will be cleaned between groups

  • Swimming and hydro will not be on until at least the New Year

  • Lessons will be shorter to allow for handwashing and class cleaning

  • Soft toys and furnishings will be removed or personalised

  • We will not be accessing community visits this half term 

  • Assemblies will only happen within our bubbles


Our staff


  • Are committed to supporting our young people in their transition back to school

  • Will be washing hands and cleaning areas regularly throughout the day

  • Following our risk assessments to keep our young people safe

  • Wearing masks face/eye protection depending upon the activity and individual they are working with when social distancing is not possible between adults.




  • All young people who need a social story to support them to return to school will receive one before their return

  • They will have a photo of their teacher and teaching assistants and their classroom

  • There will be a video on the website of a trip through the school building.


Parents and Carers


  • You will need to monitor if your young person or anyone in our household has symptoms of COVID-19 (i.e. a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; or a loss or change to their sense of smell/taste)

  • If  anyone in your household shows symptoms of COVID-19, you must not send your child  to school and must self-isolate for the appropriate length of time – alerting school as soon as possible

  • If your child shows symptoms in school, they will be moved to a quarantine room with staff in full PPE, we will expect you to collect them ASAP and keep them off school for 7 days or until tested and to stay in contact with school

  • Your child will need to remove any face coverings used during travel on entry to school, please provide them with a bag for storing this safely

  • You can help us to reduce possible transfer by limiting equipment coming in to school to bags, coats, school book and lunch bags

  • Please can your young person wear fresh clothing each day, it is also advisable to remove and wash clothing once they return home.


Summer break


  • Those of you who are eligible for Free School Meals will be receiving a voucher or Ecode for Supermarket vouchers for the Summer holidays.

  • Although we are closed over the summer holiday you will still be able to access support from local services, we will attach a list of clubs and community support networks for your information


We will continue to follow Government and Public Health England guidance to keep our school community safe through increased hygiene protocols to reduce the risk of transmission.

I hope this letter has provided you with some clarity as we move forward. I must stress that the plans we have in place would not be our first choice if circumstances were different, however, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting the needs of students through these difficult times.

We wish you and your families a good summer break, and we look forward to an eventual return to normality.

Yours faithfully

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