• After topographical, services and borehole surveys it has become clear that the new accommodation will not be able to be placed at the rear of the school building.

  • The most likely location has been discussed and it is felt that this could be the car park at the front of the school.

  • This would then mean that the carpark would need to be relocated to the rear of the school affecting the grassed area and some of the playground and MUGA.

  • The new accommodation will be a two storey 10 room construction with additional facilities such as a communal space, reception area and small meeting room as well as the standard facilities of bathrooms, toilets, calm rooms, storage etc.

  • The accommodation is designed to enable our SLD, PMLD and our ASC children and young people to access their learning within the space.

  • These rooms like the rooms within the school building will be flexible to the age and stage of our children and young people and the use will be dependent on cohort and needs, their use will be determined year on year.

The following gallery is a selection of images from TG Escapes, who are a modular building designer and manufacturer. These images show elevations, rendered visuals, and also internals of other TG Escape units to show finishes