Beacon Hill – Local Offer

Beacon Hill are a fully inclusive school who ensures that all young persons achieve their potential personally, socially, emotionally, physically and educationally.

Our Local Offer lets you understand how we support young people.

We consult with young people and their families on our local offer by:

• Meeting with parents to discuss the content of the local offer.
• Offering all parents the opportunity to see a draft of the local offer and comment.
• Ensuring the local offer is available on the school website.
• Discussing local offer with school council.
• Drawing attention to local offer of Facebook and Twitter with link to latest version.

Supporting Young people and Their Families

We will let families know about any concerns or congratulations about young people’s learning by:

• Communication in the home/school book.
• Individual phone call from class teacher.
• Discussion at Education/Health and Care plan meeting.
• Termly review of individual education plan.
• Comments on Social Media

The other people / agencies and teams providing services to young people in school include:

• Public Health nurses (Michelle Golightly)
• Speech and Language Therapy Team (Eloise Hood Stutt)
• Physiotherapy Service (Pam Mitcheson)
• Occupational Therapy team (Alison Devitt)
• Connexions Service (Marion Berry)
• Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (Claire Collings)
• Sensory Support Service (Nick Cubley)
• Portage Project for Pre School children (Lynn Scorer)

All these colleagues can be accessed through the school phone number 0191 643 3000

We will work in partnership with other education providers to ensure that young persons make a successful transition to the next stages of their learning, through careful and coordinated planning of the transition. We provide the following support to young people when they are leaving the school:

• Access to staff to support transition.
• Meetings/ and or discussions with receiving school.
• Access to independent advice from the Connexions Service.
• Access to support from the EHC case coordinator.
• If going to Beacon Hill 6th Form the opportunity for a transition residential.
• Opportunities to visit new placement with support.

Support staff are placed where they are needed throughout the school to ensure young people’s progress, independence and also ensure value for money. All teaching assistants are trained to at least Level 3 qualifications and undertake a role at Level 6 across the school.

Staff Training

All staff have completed, and will continue to receive, ongoing training in special educational needs and disabilities.

Supporting Families

The school works in partnership with families to help them support their young people’s learning outside of school. The ways in which this is done are flexible and are regularly evaluated to ensure they continue to meet families’ needs. Currently these include:

• Regular email to families about the weeks class activities.
• Communication through Home/School diary, text messages, emails, twitter and Facebook.
• Weekly school and 6th Form newsletters which also signpost other information and opportunities.
• Parents evenings.
• Opportunity to meet other parents in school Parents Room.
• Specific parental training sessions on issues such as ASC; use of IPads and toilet training.
• Opportunities to support their child in class in subjects such as swimming.
• Opportunities for home learning either on class email, newsletter or individually.

Further Information

Behaviour and anti-bullying policies are regularly reviewed with a focus on how they affect all young people. (Copy on school website)

Other useful documents such as our Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Policy are also available on the school website.

The school’s self-evaluation process will look at teaching and learning for all groups of young people.

All school-related activities are evaluated in terms of their benefit to the learning and inclusion of all young people.

If you would like further information about what we offer here at Beacon Hill then please contact the Headteacher Justina Terretta 0191 643 3000; or 07843 025 432.


What Beacon Hill Offer your son/daughter.

Support Available Within School/ College for young people

Available to all young people whatever their age/ SEN or Disability.
  • Social skills programme / support including strategies to enhance self-esteem.
  • Small group work to improve skills.
  • Visual timetables (where appropriate)
  • ICT is used to support learning where appropriate including the opportunity to lease an I Pad for Home/School Learning.
  • Strategies / programmes to support speech and language development.
  • Planning, assessment and review.
  • Work with young persons, parents, carers and staff to develop and review plans based on the need of the young person.
  • Differentiated curriculum and resources.
  • Risk assessments are used and action is taken to increase the safety and inclusion of all young persons in all activities.
  • Outdoor learning is used to offer a different approach to the curriculum.
  • Support with personal / intimate care if and when needed.
  • Regular community learning opportunities.
  • Strategies to promote/develop literacy and numeracy.
  • Provision to support access to the curriculum and to develop independent learning.
  • Small group targeted intervention programmes are delivered to young persons to improve skills in a variety of areas, i.e. reading skills groups etc.

Support and advice is sought from outside agencies to ensure any barriers to success are fully identified and  responded to.

  • Behaviour management systems which reward and encourage young persons to make positive decisions about behavioural choices.
  • Use of visual and physical structure to promote confidence and knowledge in their surroundings/lessons which therefore promotes learning.
  • Small group programmes are used to improve social skills and help them deal more effectively with stressful situations.
  • Differentiated curriculum and resources.
  • Staff receive training to ensure they understand the impact of a sensory need upon teaching and learning.
  • Support for augmented communication.
  • Areas of low distraction.
  • Support / supervision at unstructured times of the day.
  • Strategies to reduce anxiety / promote emotional wellbeing.
  • Where appropriate we will use support and advice from other partners to meet the needs of young persons.
  • Access to inclusive before and after school and holiday club.
  • Opportunities for work on physical development including swimming.
  • Work with young relatives to support their understanding of disability
  • Specific learning about enterprise and the world of work through jobs days and other curriculum opportunities.

Opportunities to consider issues in relation to rights and respect.



  • What can Beacon Hill offer your son/daughter with Autistic Spectrum Condition.
  • Available specifically to young people with Communication and Interaction Needs
  • Autistic Spectrum Condition.
  • Speech, Language and Communication Needs
  • Social communication difficulties
  • As well as the whole school Beacon Hill offers the following specifically to young people with ASC.
  • Teaching resources are routinely evaluated in relation to the triad of impairment to ensure they are accessible to all young persons with ASC.
  • Autism specific teaching strategies delivered in two ways depending on the individual and their learning needs and strengths.
    • – In specialist classrooms for children with a diagnosis of autism who have difficulty coping with an integrated setting on a full-time basis.

      – In integrated settings throughout the school, as part of a mixed ability class with ASC specific strategies differentiated to the individual student.

  • All three types of adaptation

    – Curricular (planning – repetition)

    – Instructional (visual and verbal- limited language) and

    – Ecological (Visual and physical structure taking into account individual sensory needs) are made for students with ASC both in the ASC specific and ASC friendly teaching environments.

  • The Triad of Impairment is an important aspect of every lesson and this will be taken into account when planning and teaching every subject.
  • Within the planning there is an equal balance of objectives in relation to curriculum, social interaction, communication and flexibility of thought.
  • We also plan for generalisation of skills in relation to different staff, contexts and resources.
  • In respect of the recent developments in the teaching of individuals with ASC equal priority is given to meeting the pupils’ sensory needs. This is planned on an individual basis and is embedded in the daily timetable.
    • Opportunities from sensory integration where appropriate including rebound therapy.
    • Where appropriate specific classroom for young people with ASC with higher staffing ratio.
    • Staff trained in Team Teach approaches to deescalate and manage challenging behaviour.
    • Staff specifically trained in relation to young people with ASC.
    • Advice on diet.
    • Advice on toilet training.
    • Accreditation from the National Autistic Society.
    • Parental workshops in relation to ASC issues.
    • Alongside and in conjunction with our behaviour management plans we use and teach the use of sensory diet to help develop self control, increase attention as well as an awareness of themselves and others.
  • Links with psychiatric and other consultants including, where possible, appointments in school.



What Beacon Hill can offer your son/daughter with physical, medical or sensory difficulties.
Sensory and Physical Needs:


Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties.

Complex medical needs.

As well as the whole school offer Beacon Hill offers the following specifically to young people with Profound and Multiple Learning difficulties and/or medical needs.

  • Support and advice is sought from outside agencies to support young persons, where appropriate.
  • ICT is used to increase access to the
  • The curriculum is focused on individual and sensory learning needs and is individually differentiated.
  • Specific methods for the detailed recording of progress for young people with PMLD.
  • Access to specific multi sensory learning areas and opportunities.
  • Support to access the curriculum and to develop independent learning.
  • Advice and guidance is sought and acted upon to meet the needs of young persons who have significant medical needs.
  • Access to Medical Interventions.
  • Access to programmes to support Occupational Therapy / Physiotherapy.
  • Support with personal / intimate care if and when needed.
  • Staff understand and apply the medicine administration policy.
  • All of school and college is accessible to young people in wheelchairs or who have reduced mobility.
  • The school has disabled toilets / facilities.
  • Staff receive training in the safe moving and handling of young people.
  • Staff trained in medical issues such as epilepsy, tracheotomy, gastro feeding.
  • Links with paediatric and other consultants including where possible appointments in school.
  • Access to specially heated swimming pool for physical and social skills programmes.
As well as the whole school offer Beacon Hill offers the following specifically to young people of Primary age.

  • Inclusion in local mainstream primary school where appropriate.
  • Access to after school clubs including Zumba, Glee Club and Pottery.
  • Opportunities to develop ability to express own opinions and make choices through school council.


As well as the whole school offer Beacon Hill offers the following specifically to young people of Secondary age.

  • Inclusion in local mainstream secondary school where appropriate.
  • Access to after school clubs including Zumba, Glee Club and Pottery.
  • Specific opportunities to develop enterprise skills such as the Soap Factory and Cafe.
  • Opportunities to develop work skills on work experience.
  • Opportunities to develop early independent travel skills.
  • Opportunities to take part in competitive sport.
  • Access to independent advice from the Connexions service.
  • Access to residential, in particular residential to improve transition.
  • Opportunities to develop ability to express own opinions and make choices through school council.


As well as the whole school offer Beacon Hill offers the following specifically to young people of Post 16 age.

  • Opportunities to develop independent living skills in a real setting (Beacon Manor).
  • Opportunities to travel to college independently.
  • Opportunities for age appropriate after school clubs Beacon Hill Arts, Duke of Edinburgh awards.
  • Ability to learn how to work in a large mainstream setting.
  • Access to mainstream restaurant at lunchtimes.
  • Opportunity to celebrate and recognise success through accreditation, Leavers assembly and Leavers prom.


Families are also signposted to services / organisations through the Local Offer.
Current services


Children’s Services

Heatherfield Mews

Addison Street


Contact a Family

Rising Sun Centre

Beacon Hill Arts

TyneMet College

North Tyneside Parent Carer Forum


0191 2665233

0191 6434151

0191 6438100

0191 2006178

0191 6436965

0191 2136300

0191 6432241

0191 5807000

0191 2295000


If you have any concerns about your young person’s special educational needs or disability, their progress or the support you receive, we would ask that you to come into school and discuss matters further with your young person’s class teacher and the Headteacher.
Although school complaints procedures are in place and can be accessed through our website, we would always hope to resolve any issues or concerns informally by working in partnership with parents.


Parents can contact Special Educational Needs and Disability Advice and Information Service (SENDIASS) for impartial information, advice and support in relation to their young person’s special educational need and / or disability on tel. 0191 643 8313 or 0191 643 8317