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Here at Beacon Hill we have an onsite road safety and independent travel facility. This allows us to run a program which teaches our young people how to cross road properly and safely, and how to use pedestrian crossings. Our school is also fortunate enough to have a replica metro station with a fully equipped metro carriage.

This program is available to schools within North Tyneside for free and is also available to schools within other local authorities for a fee. Any interested parties can find information about how to sign up for this service at the bottom of this page.


Crossing and Bus stop

• Learn about puffin and pelican crossings
• Zebra crossings with Belisha beacons
• Sensory Kerbs
• Real road markings
• Bus stop and timetable

The setting of a real working car park means users could experience ‘slow’ moving traffic to enhance the experience. A fully equipped resource centre/classroom is available. High visibility clothing will also be worn whilst outside.
The replica station comprises of the following:• Metro location sign
• A purpose built metro
• Fully functional ticket machine (which sells specifically designed metro tickets to purchase using money)
• A complete metro circuit of all stations including Beacon Hill
• Health and safety sign
• Metro timetable
• A help point machine

• Metro map
• Seating
• Sensory kerb
• White line along edge of platform
• Bin for rubbish (except tickets)
• Metro carriage

Inside the Carriage_image

• Access through replica hydraulic doors
• Push button access
• Unique metro flooring
• Exact replica seating
• Glass seating partitions with passenger safety advice
• Hand grab rails suspended from ceilings
• Long hold grab rails attached to wall frames
• Visible distance photos to create realistic window views
• Emergency stop access

The learning experience

Students will be able to discuss issues related to metro travel and given the opportunity to learn:

• How do I buy a ticket
• Make decisions and choices (one zone, two zone etc)
• Learn about metro maps
• Go through ‘what if’ scenarios
• Open and close doors
• Learn correct behaviours
• Learn to keep tickets safe

Feedback from Parents/Students

Parent from Beacon Hill Sixth form “Our child is doing something we never thought she would do. The travel training programme has been a great help and the trainer dealt with our child’s nerves very well”

Student from Beacon Hill Sixth Form “I was scared at first, but I feel happy now”

Parent from St Thomas More RC Academy ” Trainer was approachable and made my child feel relaxed. My child is in yr 11 and this training would have been great in yr 7. Pleased our child’s confidence was assessed in using public transport”

Student from St Thomas More RC Academy “I feel really confident in travelling independently and the training helped me a lot”

Parent from Woodlawn “The training progressed at the right speed for my child. The travel trainer took seriously any concerns or worries I had as a parent and we worked together to find a solution”

Student From Woodlawn “I now feel independent. The training was fun and helped me and I enjoy travelling on my own”

Further Information

If you would like more information or want to register your interest in Independent Travel Training, you can contact Beacon hill in the following ways:

Any North Tyneside School wishing to book a session on the program can download, complete and return this group booking form. North Tyneside Booking Form

Any school outside of North Tyneside wishing to book a session on the program can download, complete and return this group booking form. Other Local authority Booking Form

If travel training would be useful for an individual student. Please use the following referral form to register interest. Student Referral

Forms can be returned to:

Beacon Hill School,
Rising Sun Cottages,
NE28 9JW

Or emailed to:


Graham Rowe, who is the Independent Travel Training Co-ordinator, can be reached at the email address above or by phone on: 0191 6433000 or 07977549243 during school hours for general enquiries.

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