Class News

Class 1P

Our topic is Spring has sprung this term therefore we have been looking at plants, animals, and the outdoors.

Maths – we have been counting flowers in play dough, counting flower seeds into numicon and listening to the Spring counting song.

Literacy – we have been learning the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have all got involved in the sensory story by exploring, straw, sticks and bricks and been blown away by the pigs and big bad wolf puppet! We are really enjoying the story.

EAD – we have been learning about mixing colours and have created handprint flowers and symmetrical butterflies!

PE – Our topic is dance this term. We have been on a fun sensory dance story; “We’re going on a jungle hunt” we have danced with torches to be glow worms, hopped on stepping stone so we don’t fall in the river and popped bubbles at the waterfall, all to the sound of music.

UW – we have been learning about how plants grow and have plated our own cress heads! We are excited to see them fully sprung.

Class 6M

This week in class 6M we have been completing a pilate’s routine.  We have been focusing on stretching and relaxing. All students have been giving it a good try!  Next week we will be working on learning new moves to build up our routine. 


Well Done Girls!

Every month girls from Key Stage 3 & 4 attend a football event ran by Newcastle United Foundation.  They meet with other SEN school’s in the local area, where they practice there ball skills and play games of football.  The girls have had lots of fun scoring goals.  Well done girls, keep up the hard work. 


This week 6P have been learning to show a reaction to different textures and to explore cooking utensils independently.  The students in 6P enjoyed making crispy cakes and they were all keen to get their hands in mixture.
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