Beacon Hill School Primary PE and Sport Funding

Schools with Primary aged pupils receive the PE and Sport Premium. Schools must spend the funding to improve the quality of the PE and Sport activities they offer their pupils but they are free to choose the best way of using the money.

Here at Beacon Hill we receive this additional funding and have employed a specialist PE teacher and schools sport co ordinator with over 36 years experience in special schools to support our PE and Sport.

* To advise and support in the planning, delivery and assessment of Physical Education.

* To provide information and links to staff training opportunities in PE and specialist activities.

* To support the provision of additional sports activities which increase pupils participation in a wide range of sporting activities.

* Work closely with regional disability sports organisations and other sport providers to support our pupils to experience a variety of competitive sports events.

This report(click here) details the impact that the PE and Sports funding has had in school.

Sporting Partners 2017/2018

Many additional sports activities are provided by external organisations. Here at Beacon Hill we have developed strong links to ensure pupils have access to additional coaching and opportunities to experience a range of activities. Some examples over the past year we have been involved in the following :

. Football coaching by Newcastle United Foundation

· Secondary students have accessed the Regional Athletics Talent Identification day

· We allocated a small amount of funding to buy additional equipment to
support and enhance the delivery of the PE curriculum, including Hydrotherapy

· Twelve students have accessed Primary Sportsability Competitions

· Four PMLD KS2 students accessed a sensory PE morning event at a Newcastle School

· Eight students will access a Swimming Panathlon event

· Twelve students will access a Wanderers Athletic event

· All students in school accessed the Walk a Mile regional incentive

· Nine students will access Primary Panathlon event at Silksworth Community Pool

· The school will be hosting a PMLD sensory physical development morning

· To provide additional individual support for students accessing their physical
curriculum. This was particularly in swimming enhancing the teaching and developing
pupils swimming skills as well as accessing community facilities to develop outdoor
adventure skills.

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